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Honey's Beautifully Calm Home Birth

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Nothing brings me more joy than a positive birth story!

This amazing Mumma attended my Hypnobirthing classes before the birth of her 3rd baby this summer and went on to have a calm and gentle birth at home. This birth story is full of so many incredibly beautiful moments. From the amazing connection Mumma had with her body and her mindset, to the the wonderful support of her family and midwives, the relaxing and calm environment they created, and the incredible way Honey rose from the water (I could go on and on!).

I hope you enjoy this birth story as much as I did. I must confess to shedding happy tears when I read it the first time which led me to reading it again.. and again! ❤️


At 40+2 I was becoming sick of people asking me where the baby was... I went to the midwife feeling a bit emotional because every evening for the last 2 weeks I'd had some very strong regular Braxton hicks' contractions and not a lot of sleep! The midwife reassured me, and as a midwife myself I knew I had to zone people out and stay in a little bubble.

I booked in for some reflexology for the next day, a massage and some acupressure points- even if it didn't 'bring on labour' at least I'd have relaxed and had time away from everyone. This is when I started to feel a bit different, I knew it would be in the next day or two. I had lost some show and felt very heavy down below.

The following day, I spent deep cleaning the house with my sister and husband. The children were chilled out upstairs. We talked, we laughed, and I felt relaxed.

At around 4pm my sister left to go and make us a lasagne with the intention of coming back in the next hour. So, I sat on my ball, drinking tea and watching a funny movie.

At 4:30pm I felt a big pop and a sensation that felt like the baby had dropped down into my pelvis. I stood up and realised very quickly that it was my waters. Despite being relieved I also started to panic and cried! I gathered myself together to check they were clear, which they were. I phoned the midwives to let them know, explaining this is my third baby and that I am already contracting... mildly but I was quite aware of them!

The midwife arrived at around 5:45pm by which time I was having surges every 3 minutes and I really had to focus on breathing. I had my phone next to me listening to the affirmations, my husband rubbing my back and my sister upstairs with my children.

I did start to feel irritated, around this point, despite the tens machine helping, the dog kept barking and I felt like I wanted to be in the pool. So, I sent orders for the dog to be put upstairs with the children. The children thought it was great! First they had dinner upstairs, then popcorn and now the dog is allowed upstairs to continue the party!

I allowed the midwife to examine me, again fully knowing that whatever she said didn't mean much, as last time I was in labour I went from 6cm to baby being born in 20 minutes.

She said I was 3cm dilated with a 'paper thin' cervix and the head was quite low. She called the second midwife while my husband was busy with pool. I think this made him feel very much part of it and that he was helping. As soon as it was ready, I jumped in, and took the gas and air with me! That was about 630pm.

My husband helped me by reminding me of the breathing techniques to use and stroking my head.

I managed to close my eyes in between surges but soon I wasn't getting much of a break, in fact it felt like the surges were never really going away and at the peak I was beginning to involuntarily push.

Something was holding me back though because I kept saying 'I'm scared.' The midwife was amazing, she gently asked me why I was scared as everything was going so well. I was obviously in transition because my whole body started to shake. When I managed to tell her that I think I was scared the baby was too big (thanks to a few doctor's appointments with the seeds of doubt that creep in), she reminded me that my baby and my body knew what to do.

After that I changed, I went in on myself. I moved into a different position and as I opened my leg, her head was gently born. I remember just breathing. I didn't really 'push'. My eyes were closed but I heard the midwife say to me "next contraction and your baby will be here". Again, I didn't really push, I just felt her shoulders turn and she floated up to the top at 8:03pm like a star fish, eyes wide open and arms outstretched. I caught her and lifted her onto my chest. I cried, and told her I loved her. She was alert, had good tone and colour, and was calm!

We had delayed cord clamping for about 15 minutes. The children came down to see us in the pool for a while and then my sister took them back up. When I felt ready to get out of the pool she went to her Dad and the midwife helped me out and onto the sofa where I was dried off and put baby Honey back on my chest with some warm towels. I latched her on as my placenta was delivered. Nothing was stressful or rushed. The midwives spoke kindly and in hushed tones, the lights were dimmed, and we had The Cranberries playing quietly in the background.

After all our checks and a clear up of the pool the midwives packed up and left by 10pm. I sat on sofa feeding her and then the children joined us for cuddles and a catch up. My husband fed me my dinner, his eldest made me the BEST sugary tea and then I went for an amazing shower. I was safe in the knowledge that we were home, she was safe, we have our own bed to go to and my children have had an invaluable experience in normal childbirth. There were no hospital buzzers, no one disturbing us and no waiting around to be discharged alone from hospital!

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