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The waiting game...

After finding out you are pregnant, its not uncommon to immediately want to work out the timelines. " okay, so how far along am I?", "How long do I have to prepare?" or "oh gosh will I still fit into that bridesmaid dress by then?"

A GP (or the online calculators!) will ask for the first day of your last period and that magic date is right there in front you of, your due date!

And so begins the fixation on this 1 ultimate date that baby will absolutely arrive! but did you know that figures suggest that only around 4% of babies arrive on their due date?

It’s so easy to put a lot of focus on the particular date, and with that comes unnecessary pressure. Baby will arrive when they are ready- and 80% of the time that is 2 weeks either side of the ‘due date’- so by focusing on that one due date you could either find yourself caught off guard if baby decided to show up 'early' or pretty frustrated if your still waiting 2 weeks after.

And of course on top of this-you will regularly be asked by other's "when is baby due?" or "how long have you got?"- this is when we recommend keeping your due date to yourself, and maybe sharing your due month or a general time period such as; "I am due towards the end of September". By doing this, not only do you take away some fixation on the date, but you might also spare yourself the many texts/calls you are bound to get in the time close to the due date from well meaning friends/family 'just checking in to see if there is any news!' (let's be frank here, as well intended as they are, they are annoying! and certainly don't instil calm..for me they didn't anyway!).

Baby is more likely to arrive if you are feeling calm and relaxed, so its best to take away that pressure and use those final weeks of pregnancy to chill out. It’s a good idea to make some nice plans on or around your ‘due date’ to take the focus away from the waiting game! Perhaps booking in a date night with your partner or a lunch date with a friend? Nothing too exhausting or stressful that will not be conducive to the calm state you want to embody- and something that can be easily cancelled if baby decides to arrive!

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